June 6, 2017

Mobile App Era

Why ? ( Why Mobile App ? )

We can reach and interact with customers far more quickly and directly than websites, because smartphones and tablets are common now among people. We need to put our businesses information in front of each person in a touch away.

What ? ( What is the benefit of Mobile App ? )

It can increase brand awareness, added value to the businesses, reduce cost of sms messages and paper newsletter, can act like an interactive business card or name card. Every businesses need a business or name card.

Who ? ( Who is your businesses’s target ? )

Knowing where is your market is a very essential in this “Millenial” era. In fact, an industry study found that daily time spent in mobile apps increase 50% more than last year. That means in order to get that growing market we need to be at their hand- smartphones- tablets. With mobile app your business will run on 24h clock, it will work while we resting or sleeping because when people had time they always work on their smartphones or tablets.

When ? ( When we need to take action ? )

In this Millenial era which technology takes big part of our world, we can not just stand down and wait for what coming in the future. We need to take actions or our competition will.


We all know how valuable your businesses are, that is why we need to improve it with tools that can support in this new era. There are consideration in building a mobile App:

Time Consideration: Building an App takes a lot of time if create it from the scratch which up to 4-6 months (4.320hours)

Cost Consideration: Building an App also very costly, it can take around 70-100 Millions

Technical Consideration: Need some sort of skill about website or coding

With all that considerations make mobile App is not a good solution for the businesses.


How ( How we solve that problems ? )

We knew that we need a mobile app, but with all that consideration make mobile app look very costly and need a lot of time to implement. The question now is How we make our mobile app in easy way, cheapest way, fast way and no coding needed ? What will you do if you can find one that can solve all that problems in creating your own mobile App?


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