June 1, 2017

Do we need a mobile App ?

Do we need a mobile app? Before we can get the right answer we have to know about mobile app and it influence in our businesses world. What is mobile app? When do we need one? Who is our target? Why do we have to choose this developer or that developer ? And How we want to accomplish all that?

What is mobile app?

We all know how fast the Internet growth in our life and the device that we used to access the Internet is 80-90% using smartphone or gadget, thats why we all need the mobile app to deliver all of our business information. If our business is not in the store or not accessible through the smartphone or gadget that could be disaster for our businesses. Website is a solution, but mobile app is better solution than a website because we all know the difference between website and mobile app, for example push notification in mobile app.

When do we need one?

The future is now, so the right answer to that question is now, we can not know what will happen in the future so it is not wise to postpone what you can do now. The sooner is the better, be pioneer and not follower because you can not buy time that you already lost.

Who is our target?

We all know that our target from time to time is change through time, from the baby boomer era to generation X, Y and Z and now the Millenial era that really influenced by the information technology. We need to reach all the market thats why we need to be at all possible market, if put an ad to newspaper A through Z than you can reach the reader of all that newspaper. Now the market of Play Store or Apple Store is highly growth, that is why we need to reach that market.

Why do we have to choose this developer or that developer?

Price, time is the essential before considering which developer that suit your need beside the ease of using the mobile app. Know your need and than choose the right app the developer, you are the master of your business.

How we accomplished that ?

That is the question for all ….

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