May 13, 2017


This feature allows you to create image galleries. You’ve got four options:

  • Create a gallery from Picasa ( Now is not available for new Picasa album )
  • Create a gallery from Instagram
  • Create a gallery with your own photos
  • Create a gallery from Facebook


1. Create a gallery from Picasa

The “name” field allows you to give a name to your gallery. If you have several galleries, users will thus be able to choose the gallery they want to take a look at. This works only for old Picasa Album before Google deleted this feature.
With the “search” field you’ll be able to retrieve all photos from Picasa that are relevant to this search.


And the result is:

You can also retrieve all photos from a specific Picasa album or Picasa account: ( Old Picasa Album )

  • Fill in the Search field with your Picasa account email.
  • Select the album you want to add to your app (Your Picasa album must be public).
  • You’re done.

2. Create a gallery from Instagram

Since Instagram has changed their API policies, now you must use your own Instagram keys in order to create an Instagram gallery. You will find how to create your Instagram API keys in here.

And the result is:

3. Create from your own photos :

Name your gallery, and click on “0 image” to upload photos from your computer.


You can upload several photos in the same time, just select from one folder all the photos you want to upload.

It’s not mandatory, but you can enter a title and a description for all your photos.
Click on “Ok” to save your gallery.

4. Create a gallery from Facebook:

Enter the Facebook ID of your Facebook page and choose which images you want to show in the “Search” field . :


To create a new gallery, click on  and repeat the above process.

You can also create a gallery from a Facebook Fan Page, just enter the Facebook Fan Page ID and do the same process.

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